Status Update – My 2017 Goals and Habits


In my first blog post this year, I wrote a list of goals/habits that I’d like to achieve in 2017. They were all more or less specific enough to be able to hold myself to it, check in regularly to see where I am at and if they are still realistic.

I thought 2 months into the year (I know, it’s already March!) is a good time to give an update:

  • Write 1 blog post every Wednesday for 3 months. I’ve been rather good with this one. I’ve been posting every week since I made this commitment and I love it. So far, it looks like I’ll continue even after the 3 months. I still have a lot more to say. I did write every Wednesday, but last week and this, due to a death in the family, it wasn’t appropriate nor possible to post on Wednesdays.
  • Create 5 card designs to put online for sale. I know most designs I want to make. I have done The Fox and have another one in the pipeline I am working on in Adobe Illustrator. I finished my course on this last week, so I feel better prepared to tackle this now with a new tool.
  • Build a side table in the first quarter. I did build a side table, but it’s not the one I had in mind. I was meant to start last week on it, so I am still in the running to make it until the end of this month. Also, a sideboard has been added to the list, so we shall see.
  • Me time. I haven’t made enough time, I think, generally speaking. There have been weeks when it worked and I took the time off I needed and wanted. Others not so much. I think this is something to play by ear, but I do need to pay attention to not forget to block off time for myself when needed.
  • Read up on current events every day. Oh boy! I did really really well…in the first month. Then it just started fading. Not to say, that I didn’t read or follow anything at all, I just didn’t make the time, after a while, to properly read the news. This one deserves a kick in the butt again. Note to self: Get some tea and read the news!
  • Write a weekly bullet journal. Yep, been doing it (“high five”). I like this format a lot, because I can capture in short form what meant something to me that week. Also, by the time Sunday rolls around, you’ll be amazed by how much you did that week and forgot already.
  • Regular exercise. Ah! Here we go. A bit of a tough one. Again, I haven’t been slacking, but this has taken a different kind of shape to what the original plan was. I have now changed my routine to do cardio/HIIT workouts every other day during the week, yoga the alternate days and bouldering just once a week. I have also been given a few personal training sessions for my birthday to help me get back on track with my stamina and strength, so they’re being added as well once a week. I think this is more realistic and sustainable, and if I have time to do more, my body will thank me.

Anyone feel like sharing how they are doing with integrating new habits? Or aiming for that one goal? Let me know in the comments.

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