The Fox and The Camel

Greeting Cards Fox Camel

…walk into a bar…

Just kidding!

I’ve done it, look, ma, my first greetings cards are done and online!

Yes, that’s right, I’ve got a little shop on here and if any of you fancy it, head on over and grab some.
It is still very rudimentary, covering only the basics, so bear with me whilst I get this place spruced up a little.

Pretty chuffed with myself for getting this off the ground. The process has been fun and painful at times, but so worth it. I am fully aware that I’m no Picasso, but ya know, I want to share what I’ve been hiding away for many years.

I’ve received some great feedback on my test printing of colours for each animal, so I shall do a limited edition of some sort with multiple camels and foxes.

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I’ll also be adding some more animals over time, so keep watching this zoo.


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