Anniversary Headstand

1 year anniversary headstand

This past Wednesday (27th September) a year ago, I had my brain surgery. One of the things I asked my surgeon right after surgery was whether I could still box and do headstands.

The answer to the latter was “yes, after several months”, but it took me a year to finally do it. One, because the pressure (quite literally) and what if something moves? And two, I thought it would be a nice goal to have for my one year anniversary.

It is a bit odd to think that it was one year ago. It feels like it happened yesterday, encounters with Don Juan smuggling me cake to the room or barely being able to move my mouth.

Anyways, on to the good stuff. Maybe no surprise there, but I did it! I did the headstand. In fact, I did two, as you’ll be seeing in the video below.

Excuse the out of focus and lighting. It was early morning and frankly, I was way too excited to get the headstand done after some yoga prep.


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