The Making of A Reindeer – Part 2

Reindeer xmas card

Here comes part 2 of making a reindeer xmas card. I am almost done, finishing touches and such.
To be honest, I wish I had it finished today with another card that I have drawings for, but I cannot look at another reindeer today.

Do more sketches

I wasn’t quite happy with my last sketches and doing some quick feedback sessions with close ones, I needed to do something else than I thought.

Reindeer xmas card

Select the ones you like

Or in other words, tear up a lot of paper and waste trees.

Reindeer xmas card

Get it onto Illustrator

I probably could have done it straight in Illustrator to begin with, but I like the pen and paper process.

Reindeer xmas card

Put some glasses on it

Reindeer xmas card

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