Goodbye 2017, you’ve been a ride!

best nine goodbye 2017

Yes, I am following the trend of sappy “goodbye 2017” posts, cause it’s good for ya, cathartic and, boy, have I done a lot this year!

As with anything, you tend to forget things that happened 1 month ago, don’t even try to pull out memories from 11 months ago. So instead of sipping on some gin, I went through my photos and blog posts to remind myself what I have been up to.

I started blogging again

I have successfully completed 1 full year of blogging every single week. Granted, some posts have been less inspiring than others, but I did it! Every week!
At the beginning of the year, I started out trialling this third blog of mine for three months only to see how it goes. Well, one year on and I am still doing it, and loving it.

I shared my journey of my brain surgery

It feels like forever ago the surgery happened, and so does writing about it and sharing it with you lot.
The response was heart-warming, and thank you all for your comments and messages! I do hope that somewhere along me sharing my journey, it helped and will help someone else out there.

I opened my online card shop

This was BIG! As with anything that you start doing by yourself in your bedroom and only share with close friends and family, this was daunting but also exciting.
I am so happy about the feedback and that many of you like my animals.

Kicked off house renovations

There is a whole blog post series of what we’ve been doing. It starts with digging out piles of poo… Enjoy!

My grandma died

It still feels very odd and I still expected her to pop through the door at Christmas a week ago.
My mum wrote a beautiful post (in German) about her.

Back to work after 1 year off

It’s been roughly 4 months and I couldn’t have found a better place to return to work at!
I still, at times, feel that I haven’t fully found my groove. Sometimes that balance is just right and other times I feel like it’s all a mess and I need to invest so much energy to get back to a happy balance.

Travel, travel, and more travel

I loved that we had lots of smaller trips this year. This was mostly due to saving for our house renovations and using time to help with said renovations instead of jetting off to a far far away land. We spontaneously flew to Lanzarote; one of my all time faves with all things Manrique. Another highlight was the Guggenheim in New York (fan girl post here). Just realising that this year was very artsy with also visiting Art Basel in the summer and Paris for the nuit blanche in October.

There were plenty of other things such as London Pride and seeing Ed Sheeran live, though the above were the main things that kept me discovering more of the world, myself and what 2018 may look like.

Cheers and goodbye 2017!

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