Snow, family and a headache

Snow in Göteborg 2018

This is going to be a short one cause I am currently having a headache and I should probably sleep it off. Also, how do people with regular headaches do this? I get a headache maybe once a year, twice max, and it is literally knocking me out and I am pretty sure it is not even a very strong one by comparison.

My pain aside, this weekend, I was in Göteborg with my husband for a funeral. It was a bit odd cause there was such a long wait between the actual passing and the funeral, it felt like a happy Swedish family reunion as we don’t get to see each other often but naturally was a sad occasion to come together. Despite the sadness, I learned a bit more about my Swedish family members, their history and how it all came to be through stories and lots of photo albums. I remember it being really cathartic going through photo albums when my grandmother died last year and it is interesting to see what different memories a photo can trigger for people.

On a brighter note and one that I was very excited about: Snow! I am a winter kid, slap bang in the middle. At the first sign of snow, I am the first one out and last one in. I don’t mind snowflakes blown in my face, the cold breeze on my face or wrapping my hands around a snowball. I find snow calming and magical and I think it is one of the best things nature has to offer.

And no, folks, it is not yet spring time. It’s officially still winter, embrace it, stock up on candles and tea!

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