That Thing About Productivity And Time

Productivity Week Plan

I consider myself a very organised person. Since I don’t work an office job, I plan my week and days, I have lists and I enjoy ticking off an item done.

I have not been feeling very productive these past days. This one always says you don’t have to be productive all the time, which I understand, but I enjoy being productive. I like the feeling of getting things done and it relaxes me knowing what I’ve accomplished.

On the other spectrum, I also like to just play around and let my creative juices flow with no to-do’s in sight. For me, this means to really have time. Time to not think about calling various French authorities, cleaning the bathroom or fixing a light. This is often a dilemma, as I’d want to do every small, easy-to-do item before I arrive to my big chunk of time to get lost in.

Now add to this an old friend coming to visit after travelling the world and not seeing each other for years! It’s important to spend time together and catch up and see if you still like each other. Also, there have been a couple of lazy Easter bank holiday days (Hello Easter Monday! Where did you go?) and time-swallowing drama with French authorities.

This morning, I was supposed to write a blog post about My Fox 2.0 but I haven’t even finished printing it, let alone taken photos and edited them. (internal struggle, commence!)

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone, like this morning, and I become demotivated to start a bigger project before lunch – I dislike interrupting a good flow. Sometimes events challenging my flexibility light a decent fire under my a** and I become more focused and faster.


I suppose it boils down to how I deal with time and what it generally means to me. I like being in control over the time available to me and I tend to be the person that has too high of expectations of what I can accomplish within a certain pocket of time. (Hey, I’ve been improving!) I hate to waste time. This feeling often occurs when I cannot choose how I spend my time (see French headache).

I stumbled upon this quote a while back and it stuck with me, well, because, it reminds me to be picky with my time and to do what I want to do. Not saying that I have it all worked out. Sometimes I excel, sometimes I fail. The important part is to return to your goals.

A year from now you wish you hard started today, productivity

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