Travel preparation – Packing and moving update

Today marks 1 month until we’ll hopefully sit on a plane to Indonesia. My inner state is split between “ARGH” and “EXCITING”, and I occasionally go through periods of “shit, what are we doing?” especially when packing things up. It’s been all about packing the past couple of weeks. I started slowly with a box of books. Then I realised that I might as well just do as much as I can to take the pressure off, and ended up packing all books, taking down the shelving unit and whipped out our suitcases to crack on with clothes we don’t currently wear and need.

Once the packing itch caught me, I cracked on with drawings, pictures and paintings. Everything looks a bit naked now. Once all our plants were gone, I already thought that it felt odd but now all what makes a home homier is gone. I also realised, that we don’t actually have that much. Every time I’d scan our selection of packing boxes, I question whether we’ll fill them all. I guess it is a good problem to have. It would be slightly more hair-pulling-panic-inducing, if I walked around trying to find more flat-packed cardboard.

I had packed already so much this past week, that boxes started to pile up in the living room. Considering that we still have to live here for another 3 weeks without jumping at the shadows in the middle of the night whilst going to the toilet or bumping your legs and feet every 5 minutes, I figured we need to re-jig things around the flat. So that is what we did yesterday. Husband in tow, I explained my vision (I clearly have thought very long and hard about it!).


We still have a load of packing boxes left, which I assume will now mostly be for the kitchen and other bits and bobs. Also, our suitcases aren’t even full. We can easily add what we’re currently using but not taking with us in there, which feels very reassuring.

About a week ago, we also test packed for the first time. Plan is to do another round this week when we’ve got some more missing bits. I think we’re on track and don’t actually have that much. Revisiting and revising the packing list definitely helped and also thanks to all the feedback we’ve received. I uploaded the latest packing list in the packing list post.

Here’s a little compilation of Instagram stories I did over the past couple of weeks.

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