A weekend trip to Margate

Margate Beach

I have never really been to the east coast of England and thought the first bank holiday of the year would be the perfect time. We did a little mini trip to the seaside town that is Margate and wanted to capture this 36 hour adventure to remember the time we got both hailed on, rained on, greeted with wind gusts that left me breathless and copious amounts of sunshine in between.

Of course, we also made this a little food exploration and had the best time discovering local eateries:

Beet Bar: Great for breakfast, lunch and snack. We had the breakfast concoction with the obligatory avocado on bread, overnight oats and chia pudding with a side of a smoothie that can be described as liquid bounty.

Beet Bar

Peter’s Fish Factory Margate: As the name would suggest, obviously not plant-based, but oh so good, if you want a delicious classic on a cold night in watching Our Planet. Have the mushy peas, better yet, try the friend mushy peas ball.

Seaside Kitchen and Cake Parlour: We had saved ourselves for that one, skipping early breakfast to have a brunch feast instead. And the place lived up to the reviews. I could have taken one item per section, but alas, I would have exploded or at least rolled the streets for the rest of the day. Best take-away: The cookie sandwich. Just have one.

Seaside Kitchen and Cake Parlour
Seaside Kitchen & Cake Parlour

What we did

(besides eating)

Turner Contemporary: It almost felt like a pilgrimage getting there through the gusts of wind making it sheer impossible to walk at a decent human speed. Highly recommend seeing whatever is on at the time. There was a smaller exhibition with curated prison art and the stories were fascinating to read.
This room also had the best view on to Antony Gormley’s “Another Time” and with the water being so active, it was a relaxing spot to simply watch.
“A place that exists only in moonlight” by Katie Paterson was the other main highlight. All about our relationship with the universe, the artists worked together with scientists to make some unique pieces.


Pie Factory Margate: We stumbled across it on Saturday and got invited back for a poetry reading accompanying exhibited art on Sunday. It’s a great idea to connect with art.

Shell Grotto: No idea what to expect, this was a bit of a surprise. The grotto was discovered 1835 and no one knows why it was built or who’d done it. It’s worth a little wonder.


The Escapement: As my partner had never done an escape room before, I thought this would be the perfect place to take his escape room virginity. We did the Egyptian Exodus room and it was fantastic! So much so, that I got properly scared at the end. It was very difficult, but we worked well as a team. We were told the average was 75 minutes to get out, but we did it in 61 minutes, but only cause we didn’t hear the door open behind us and the team had to add a special effect sound of a creaking one opening.

Not to forget, wandering around the old town is a must. There are so many cute little place and strange vintage shops around that are fun to explore.

more photos of our trip


  1. Christine Graf
    8 May 2019

    I hope you did find butter fudge??

    1. Isabell Schulz
      8 May 2019

      Of course. On its way to you in 3 weeks!


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