An updated house renovation tour

Updated house tour south of France

Two weeks ago, we saw the current state of our house in the south of France. Even since then, so much has happened; one wall of the living room has already got its coat of colour. It’s crazy how quickly things changed over the past 7 months in the former poo-filled dump to slowly becoming a cosy little place. It is so much easier to imagine sitting on my yellow sofa in my future living room or stepping into a jungle coloured bathroom.

Living room wall

I filmed our house tour to document the process, though it is quite a jump from the previous update. Lots of cool stuff has happened, there are floors, walls, windows, visible stairs, a new roof, a terrace. It’s mad but so exciting.


We also checked out our favourite tile place in Spain and came back with treasures for the bathroom – it’s been agony finding THE ones – and a colourful idea for the terrace.

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