House Renovation – Floors everywhere and a new entry door

Floors and entry door

Since the last time I posted about our house renovation project, there have been a few things my parents progressed with. We have now floors on all levels! (insert clapping and sounds of cheers here)

Living room

Foundation in the Living room

It’s been a long time coming, as it’s a lot of work and needed a lot of coordination such as not to suddenly find yourself having to rip it all up again cause the concrete foundation for the new separation wall hadn’t been laid or new beams needed adding below the floor for the structural integrity of the house.


I’ve seen partly how a floor can change the feeling of a room. It’s been all open for such a long time and it is very odd to see how the house might actually look like when you can’t see the roof anymore from the cellar. So seeing photos of the final floor, where the living room will be, is such a motivation. I am sure more for my parents, than for me. It also means they can soon start with the roof… No pressure.

Living room

Living room

Aside from the wonderful wooden planks to be walked on without fear of ending up one level lower, we also now have a new entry door. The new hole for it hasn’t been built yet, but we’ve got a door to go wherever it needs to. It also cost us a lot less than what we’ve looked into, which I am so happy about. It is definitely worth looking into summer sales, if the quality matches what you’re looking for. With this door, we do need to add our own handles and door knocker, in fact, I can’t wait to browse around to find some nice unique, maybe even antique ones.

Entry door

For the past few days, my mum has also been working on finishing the last bit of the wall, which, on your own, is quite the task. Each stone weighs 8 kilos times however many you need and you have to obviously get them from A to B. Then you need to mix 35kg bags of mortar every 6 brick stones or so (a lot of it ends up in a slurping move between said stones and existing wall). And then try that in 35°C plus heat.


New wall at the terrace

Also some kudos to Hagen, who carried all the mortar bags from way below to the upper deck where they were needed. I sometimes think they have secret powers, or eat way too much spinach.

Hagen carrying mortar

More stones and mortal at the terrace

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