A (Foodie) Weekend in Brighton

Brighton weekend beach

My mum pointed out the other day that whenever I go to a place, I find a nice (sometimes unusual) restaurant, some new snacks, dessert places and what not. Basically, I find food and I like to experience new places through food, culture and people. I think it can be magical to fill your belly with delicious food. It puts me in a good mood for whatever I’ll do next.
And yes, sometimes I am that person that has just had breakfast and thinks about what I’ll have for lunch and dinner.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that our weekend trip in Brighton was mostly about food with a little nap at the beach.


Of course we didn’t have breakfast at home, but instead awoke early to catch a train just in time for breakfast in Brighton. We went to The Redroaster CafĂ©, which has a stunning interior and delicious coffee, which they roast themselves.

Redroaster Brighton

Let me drift off for a sec: The interior. It’s very now, I have to say, and a photographer’s dream with all the natural light flooding in. And the bathroom, don’t get me started! It got me (me!) to take selfies! I think that says it all, really.

You know you made it in life when you’re taking selfies in a bathroom #notaselfieperson #redroaster

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Back to food. I had matcha waffles with tea cured salmon, semi dried tomatoes and yuzu cream cheese topped with calamari. It sounds like it doesn’t go together and there were a lot of experimental and unusual combos on the menu, but why have an ordinary English breakfast when you can have this? It was GLORIOUS.

Redroaster Coffee Co.

The Royal Pavilion was a good place to walk off the food, cause, you know, we had to make room for more after. To be honest, I didn’t expect much, but the fact that it looked like an Indian palace intrigued me, so I wanted to see what’s inside. If you ever go to Brighton, do spend the money with the audio guide. We had our mouths open in awe for most of the time. Even though the lavishness of things at the time (and now) are plain ridiculous, it is brilliant to see what King George IV did with the Pavilion. Oh, and it has dragons.


On our way to the next food stop, for lunch, we discovered 42juice. Let’s just say, not everything experimental works for me. I had something with charcoal in it, which was basically the reason I wanted to try it.

In anticipation of this trip, I prepared myself mentally for some major sugar intake. I am not a sugary person (unlike my husband who could live off of sugar for weeks!). I prefer savoury and salty things most of the time. However, Dum Dums Donutterie had to be tried, and it was lunch time after all. I had my eye on their cronuts (croissant and doughnut mix), especially the zebra and salted caramel ones. It’s not something you absolutely need in your life. It’s great for when you fancy a sugar kick and haven’t eaten anything like it in 10 years.

Brighton is great for small, independent shops all in walking distance to have a browse and get inspired by. A few we perused were Workshop, Spiderplant, Unlimited Shop and Abode Living, mostly interior design shops and with a big flair for Scandinavian style. Good thing I had my Swede with me, ha!


If you’re a tea drinker like me, get yourself to the Bluebird Tea Co.. They have crazy flavours and friendly staff and it sure tastes delicious.

Bluebird Tea Co.
Bluebird Tea Co.

One of the places I’ve been most excited to go to ever since we planned this trip was Silo. A restaurant aiming at being zero-waste and creating delicious food. It was amazing, including their cocktails and wine.



The place we stayed at recommended breakfast at Artist Residence, another place with gorgeous interior and great food. The place, as the name suggests, is full of art, everywhere.
Artist Residence Brighton

If you fancy a top up of innovative chocolate, Montezuma’s won’t disappoint. I had to save mine though, as we had lunch plans at Food For Friends, a purely vegetarian restaurant (you can get vegan options). I had the Sunday roast minus the Yorkshire pudding (I was getting too full from all the eating. Oh the irony!), which was filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and spinach and yummy veggies on the side.

Food For Friends
Sorry for showing a half eaten plate. It looked too good!

You could probably imagine that at this point I was a walking food ball, but my husband didn’t mind some of the best ice cream he has ever had at Boho Gelato. Again, experimental flavours. I wish I had space for a little, but I was full to the brim.

Boho Gelato

The sun was finally out and about, we ventured onto the Brighton Pier and back to the beach for a nap before catching the train back home.

Brighton Beach

Some more photos of our trip


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